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The BCIA Board of Directors establishes voluntary goals for minority and disadvantaged business participation in construction projects. These goals apply to both the public and private sectors of the construction industry, and are used throughout the Greater Birmingham four-county area.

All companies, public and private, that engage at any time in the purchase of construction services within the metropolitan Birmingham area are encouraged to become signatories to the Birmingham Plan-Construction Industry agreement.

Signatory participants agree to participate by adopting the BCIA guidelines and pledging to comply with the participation goals and objectives established. BCIA guidelines are included in the specifications of each signatory participant’s projects; making them obligatory upon the general contractors negotiating/bidding such projects.

The BCIA is working hard to fulfill our vision – “To create MBE / DBE business success in the construction industry”. The Board has updated our strategic plan this year, and the effort is beginning to payoff. The committees are meeting and looking at ways to improve, and we welcome any newcomers who are interested in getting more involved with us. Volunteer participation is critical to our success, and we need your participation and ideas. Our Scholarship Banquet was also very successful this year and the foundation is in place for us to significantly improve our scholarship program. We are currently looking at increasing our program to include eight to ten Alabama schools that have construction-related programs. We appreciate everyone who participated in the event, and special congratulations to all of the award recipients. Financially, we continue to need more and more support every year. We have many great ideas for programs that we have not been able to get off the ground until funding is in place. If you received a letter from us recently, we hope you will consider supporting us financially. If you have any knowledge of where we can secure funding for training initiatives, please let us know. As we enter the new millennium, we need to rededicate ourselves to removing the barriers that hold us back and keep us from reaching our full potential. As a Board, we need to continue to find opportunities for majority and minority contractors to work together and network, as well as provide educational opportunities for our members. I wish you much success in each of your businesses this year, and I hope the BCIA is meeting your expectations.

The goals and objectives expressed in the BCIA mission statement are:

  • Promote community awareness and a sense of responsibility for including MBE/DBE contractors in the economic mainstream.
  • Promote a thriving and diversified construction marketplace for both business and employment in the Greater Birmingham Metropolitan area.
  • Promote the recognition of the BCIA by construction users as a resource center for community responsible construction businesses, both mainstream and MBE/DBE.
  • Promote proactive and innovative efforts to meet the goals and objectives of the Birmingham Plan.
  • Promote the construction industry as a viable career option for minority students as well as by providing assistance through scholarship and expanded employment opportunities.
  • Certify and monitor the development of bona fide firms which are owned and controlled in both form and substance by qualified minority and disadvantaged persons.