Services & Programs

Our Services

Developmental Services

Training and Development

Provide educational programs to support and strengthen MBE/DBE contractors.

Construction Service

Provide liaison between MBE/DBE contractors, general contractors and owners of projects.

Voluntary Support

Enlist governmental bodies, other construction users and building contractors support by becoming signatory to the Plan.

Monitoring and Tracking

Maintain a reporting system for measuring MBE/DBE participation and general contractor support of program guidelines.

Goal Setting

Establish goals for Signatory General Contractors’ MBE/DBE participation on construction projects.

Career Opportunities

Promote career opportunities for minority and disadvantaged students through education scholarships and expand employment opportunities.

BCIA Computer Bank

Available for use by certified BCIA contractors.


Verify a firm’s status as a MBE/DBE enterprise.

Public Relations

Provide information concerning the programs and objectives to local as well as national media.


Develop funding sources to support staff and programs.

The BCIA provides training programs designed to strengthen MBE/DBE construction businesses.

These programs are in the form of both one-on-one counseling with MBE/DBE contractors, as well as courses taught in a classroom setting.

Current training opportunities for BCIA Certified Businesses are listed to the right:

MBE/DBE Training

  • Construction Business Management

  • Fundamentals of Construction Law

  • Financial Management

  • Marketing of the Construction Business

  • Bid Preparation & Submittal

  • Blue Print Reading

  • Estimating

  • Scheduling

  • Job Site Performance

  • Identification of Bid Opportunities

  • Computer fundamentals